New: RF circuit simulation using qucsstudio

Here comes a new, powerfull and free of charge RF CAD program which simulates in the Frequency Domain and in the Time Domain and can use "Harmonic Balance".

You can download from this site an english tutorial in two parts:
Part 1 shows simulations in the Time Domain and the Frequency Domain using a huge number of projects (= 230 pages, last added chapter is "development of a 1575 MHz BPF using coupled microstrip lines")
Part 2 shows Harmonic Balance Simulations on 51 pages.

For chapter 14 (Narrow Bandpass Filter 10,7 MHz) you will need three additional programs. You can download them from this site (download possibility is following to the tutorial download).

Everything is now terminated and translated and thus you find these themes and projects in part 1 of the tutorial:

RC Low Pass Filter (Simulations in the Time and in the Frequency Domain / FFT)
The FFT as bridge between the Time Domain and the Frequency Domain
Third project: diodes (One pulse rectifier with an ideal diode / diode from the qucsstudio library / Spice models from the Internet)
Checking a one stage transistor amplifier (DC-Analysis / transient simulation / spektral content in dB / AC sweep / example using a SPICE model from the Internet)
OPA circuits including working with Spice models from the Internet
Active filters
Simulation of digital circuits
S Parameters
Smith Chart
Filter Design
Group delay
Microstrip lines and Grounded Coplanar Waveguides
Touchstone-Files (S2p-Files)
MMIC broadband amplifier up to 3 GHz (S parameters, stability, PCB layout, danger of self oscillation, measured results using the vectorial network analyzer
LNA with a NF below 0.4dB for the frequency range from 1...1,7 GHz
RF Mixer Simulation, IP3 point etc.
Developement of a narrow bandpass filter for 10.7 MHz and high stop band attenuation up to 500 MHz
Patch antenna for 2.45 GHz
Modulation and Demodulation (AM / FM / PM / QAM) including IQ Modulation
Noise simulation using qucsstudio
Oscillator simulation
Development of a microstrip LPF for 1700 MHZ
Development of a 1575 MHz BPF using coupled microstrip lines

...and as a new option: qucsstudio-tutorial (part 1 and part 2) in Russian. Spassibo, Vladimir!

Download: qucsstudio Tutorial part 1 (Time and Frequency simulation) as pdf-File, status quo = 230 pages from March 9th, 2016

Download: qucsstudio Tutorial part 2 (Harmonic Balance simulations) as pdf-File, status quo = 51 pages from January 1st,2016

Download: DOS - Box

Download: DOS - Shell

Download: Filter Design Software "fds.exe"

Download: Russian qucsstudio Tutorial part 1 (Time and Frequency Domain Simulations) as pdf-File, ca. 180 pages, from December 25th, 2015

Download: Russian qucsstudio Tutorial part 2 (Harmonic Balance Simulations) as pdf-File, ca. 52 pages, from January 5th, 2016

Have fun and send me a mail if there are further questions!

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