S-parameter Data Files

S-parameter files (TouchStone S1P/S2P format) for the following devices are available:

Device Frequency [MHz] Supply Voltage [V] RF Pin Filename
RF2301 100 to 3000 3.0 All 2301_3V.S2P
5.0 All 2301_5V.S2P
RF2304 100 to 3000 3.0 All 2304_3V.S2P
5.0 All 2304_5V.S2P
RF2306 10 to 3000 Rc=22, Vcc=3.95V, Icc=20 mA All 2306020.S2P
Rc=22, Vcc=4.5V, Icc=40 mA All 2306040.S2P
Rc=22, Vcc=4.9V, Icc=60 mA All 2306060.S2P
RF2307 10 to 3000 Rc=22, Vcc=3.95V, Icc=20 mA All 2307020.S2P
Rc=22, Vcc=4.5V, Icc=40 mA All 2307040.S2P
Rc=22, Vcc=5.0V, Icc=60 mA All 2307060.S2P
RF2308 10 to 3000 Rc=22, Vcc=3.95V, Icc=20 mA All 2308020.S2P
Rc=22, Vcc=4.6V, Icc=40 mA All 2308040.S2P
Rc=22, Vcc=5.1V, Icc=60 mA All 2308060.S2P
RF2312 0.3 to 3000 Vcc=5.0V, Icc=20mA, Rc=22 All 2312_2.S2P
Vcc=6.0V, Icc=40mA, Rc=22 All 2312_3.S2P
Vcc=7.0V, Icc=65mA, Rc=22 All 2312_4.S2P
Vcc=9.0V, Icc=100mA, Rc=30 All 2312.S2P
Vcc=11.0V, Icc=110mA, Rc=30, Rs=1k All 2312_1.S2P
RF2317 DC to 3000 Icc=100mA All 2317100.s2p
DC to 3000 Icc=180mA All 2317180.s2p
DC to 3000 Icc=250mA All 2317250.s2p
RF2321 10 to 3100 2.7V, -40C All 232127n4.s2p
2.7V, 25C 23212725.s2p
2.7V, 80C 23212780.s2p
3.0V, -40C 232130n4.s2p
3.0V, 25C 23213025.s2p
3.0V, 80C 23213080.s2p
3.3V, -40C 232133n4.s2p
3.3V, 25C 23213325.s2p
3.3V, 80C 23213380.s2p
RF2322 10 to 3100 2.7V, -40C All 232227n4.s2p
2.7V, 25C 23222725.s2p
2.7V, 80C 23222780.s2p
3.0V, -40C 232230n4.s2p
3.0V, 25C 23223025.s2p
3.0V, 80C 23223080.s2p
3.3V, -40C 232233n4.s2p
3.3V, 25C 23223325.s2p
3.3V, 80C 23223380.s2p
RF2323 10 to 3100 2.7V, -40C All 232327n4.s2p
2.7V, 25C 23232725.s2p
2.7V, 80C 23232780.s2p
3.0V, -40C 232330n4.s2p
3.0V, 25C 23233025.s2p
3.0V, 80C 23233080.s2p
3.3V, -40C 232333n4.s2p
3.3V, 25C 23233325.s2p
3.3V, 80C 23233380.s2p
RF2325 10 to 3100 2.7V, -40C All 232527n4.s2p
2.7V, 25C 23252725.s2p
2.7V, 80C 23252780.s2p
3.0V, -40C 232530n4.s2p
3.0V, 25C 23253025.s2p
3.0V, 80C 23253080.s2p
3.3V, -40C 232533n4.s2p
3.3V, 25C 23253325.s2p
3.3V, 80C 23253380.s2p
RF2326 10 to 3100 2.7V, -40C All 232627n4.s2p
2.7V, 25C 23262725.s2p
2.7V, 80C 23262780.s2p
3.0V, -40C 232630n4.s2p
3.0V, 25C 23263025.s2p
3.0V, 80C 23263080.s2p
3.3V, -40C 232633n4.s2p
3.3V, 25C 23263325.s2p
3.3V, 80C 23263380.s2p
RF2410 0.3 to 3000 5.0 All 2410SPAR.ZIP
RF2411 10 to 3000 MHz Vcc=2.7V LNA 2411LN27.s2p
Mixer/Buffer Input 2411RF27.s1p
IF1 Output 2411IF27.s1p
LO Input 2411LO27.s1p
Vcc=3.0V LNA 2411LN30.s2p
Mixer/Buffer Input 2411RF30.s1p
IF1 Output 2411IF30.s1p
LO Input 2411LO30.s1p
Vcc=3.3V LNA 2411LN33.s2p
Mixer/Buffer Input 2411RF33.s1p
IF1 Output 2411IF33.s1p
LO Input 2411LO33.s1p
Vcc=3.6V LNA 2411LN36.s2p
Mixer/Buffer Input 2411RF36.s1p
IF1 Output 2411IF36.s1p
LO Input 2411LO36.s1p
Vcc=4.5V LNA 2411LN45.s2p
Mixer/Buffer Input 2411RF45.s1p
IF1 Output 2411IF45.s1p
LO Input 2411LO45.s1p
Vcc=5.0V LNA 2411LN50.s2p
Mixer/Buffer Input 2411RF50.s1p
IF1 Output 2411IF50.s1p
LO Input 2411LO50.s1p
Vcc=6.0V LNA 2411LN60.s2p
Mixer/Buffer Input 2411RF60.s1p
IF1 Output 2411IF60.s1p
LO Input 2411LO60.s1p
RF2418 200 to 1200 MHz Vcc=3.0V LNA 2418L30.s2p
Mixer/Buffer Input 2418RF30.s1p
1 to 200 MHz IF1 Output 2418IF30.s1p
200 to 1200 MHz Vcc=3.6V LNA 2418L36.s2p
Mixer/Buffer Input 2418RF36.s1p
RF2442 30kHz to 3000MHz Vcc=2.5V All 2442VC25.s2p
30kHz to 3000MHz Vcc=3.0V All 2442VC30.s2p
30kHz to 3000MHz Vcc=3.6V All 2442VC36.s2p
30kHz to 3000MHz Vcc=4.8V All 2442VC48.s2p